Dinner, Movie and More Card

The Dinner and Movie Fundraising Discount Cards are extremely versatile fundraisers. They can be sold and used not only locally, but anywhere in the USA. The cards are non-perishable and easy to mail, which makes them an ideal fundraising item to sell to friends and relatives around the country.

Dinner and Movie Fundraising Cards allow you to access discounts at over 100,000 participating restaurants, theaters and stores nationwide. Your customers will save many times more than the $10 they pay per card. With the unique I.D. from his/her card, they can log into "The Dinner and A Movie Card" website and choose their favorite deeply discounted coupons for one full year.

This card will give your groups' supporters up to 50% savings at over 100,000 restaurants, movie theaters, and stores nationwide! No need to wait for us to sign up the merchants for you.

Simply visit www.enjoyaccess.com and enter guest login: 550-guest to see what merchants are already participating in your area.    


• 50 Card minimum.

• Valid at participating merchants NATIONWIDE!

• Cards expire approximately 12 months from the date you purchase them.

The Key To Your City Card

Boasting an entire coupon book in one card, The Key To Your City Card delivers discounts at 100,000+ restaurants, retail stores, salons, automotive centers, bowling alleys, amusement parks and more.


And the best part?  The Key To Your City Card is good NATIONWIDE - not just in your hometown - for an entire year from the date of activation!  Taking that vacation to Orlando? You can save big!  Planning that weekend trip to Las Vegas?  The Key To Your City has big Vegas discounts!


It couldn't be easier - you just print off your favorite coupons as you need them for an entire year.  Take a test drive now:  view participating merchants online at www.EnjoyAccess.com and type in guest code "100033-guest" - you can then search by zip code or city and state.


Your price for this new fundraising card is only $6 per card.  With a $15 retail price, your organization will earn $9 per card sold - that's a full 60% profit margin!  Plus, you'll be offering your supporters a product that has real value, especially in these economic times.  


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Southern Carolina Fundraising 

We can meet ALL your fundraising needs!

Purchase each card for $3.00

Sell each card for $10.00

You make $7.00 per card

which is 70% profit!


Purchase each card for $6.00

Sell each card for $15.00

You make $9.00 per card

which is 60% profit!


•  50 Card Minimum

•  Up to 50% Off at More Than 100,000 Retailers NATIONWIDE

•  An Entire Coupon Book in One Card

•  Both Brand Name and Local Merchants

•  Stop Lugging Around a Coupon Book - THE Card That Has It All

•  Customers Average $9.00 per Card Sold - That’s 60% Profit!

•  Printed on Earth-Friendly Plastic

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