Unmatched Taste & Quality


Compare Classic Cookie dough to the competition and you'll see and taste the difference. It all starts with quality ingredients. We use top brands such as General Mills flour, Quaker® Oats, Mother Murphy's Pure Vanilla, Hershey's® Chocolate Chips, and Reese's® Peanut Butter Cups. All cookie products are Trans Fat Free. This steadfast committment to quality ensures the best tasting cookies you've ever had!

FREE Delivery

We deliver your products on our own trucks meaning that we provide unparalleled service and support during the delivery process. The products are unloaded and sorted by our staff. We schedule a day and delivery time that works for you.


FREE - Packed By Student

All products are packed by seller for your convenience for FREE! We pack every seller's order individually which ensures an exceptionally smooth disribution process AND you are not left with any leftover extra cookie dough.


FREE Order Forms

We provide FREE brochures for each member of your group.     

FREE Data Entry

All you need to do is send back your order forms to us and we will tally up all of your orders and place your order.


FREE Excellent Prize Programs

We will work with you and provide an incentive or prize program that works for your group.



Southern Carolina Fundraising© 2006 SCF

Southern Carolina Fundraising 

We can meet ALL your fundraising needs!


• Free delivery

• Scheduled day and delivery time that works for you

• All orders come pre-sorted, packed and labeled with participants name - ready to hand out

• No case quantity required

• Free brochures and supplies

• We tally all order forms

• Free custom prize incentive program


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